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You find many furnaces in the steel mill industry for heat treating steel. Different furnace types of various furnace manufacturers to heat treat slabs, profiles, bars, sheet and tubes are in service world wide.

On the way from the blast furnace to the end product, our supplies support you. Our widespread know-how assist you reaching optimum solutions. Years of experience in alloys and design prelong the yield of your products.


In pusher furnaces for instance you find billets, slabs and profiles pushed across riders and gliding pieces at temperatures up to 1250°C. Abrasive resistant special alloys as well as UMCo do apply.


Roller hearth furnaces for thin slab production need water cooled rollers with welded on rings.


Roller hearth preheating furnaces for heavy slabs use centricast alloys like 1.4852 or 2.4879.


Also design solutions like using triple part rollers with double bearing systems are already working at heaviest loads.

Galvanising lines need turn rollers with large diameter >1250mm and dip rollers in the zinc pot as well as stabilizing rollers from heat resistant cast alloys. The correct alloys are well selected to their needs: temperature cycling and corrosion attack.


Slabs, round or square billets are pre heated in walking beam furnaces prior to rolling. In and out run rollers are often water cooled inside. Revolvable beams are often used but also beams with ceramic inlay.


The furnaces are heated up with direct burners but in those with protective atmosphere you must use radiant tubes. Here you find straight tubes for horizontal or vertical usage. But you also find u-shaped tubes and w- and p- shaped executions, depending on the furnace builder or facility.




Rolled sheet and wire coils are heat treated in bell furnaces. The necessary diffusors and supports are made from heat resistant materials.


Rollers in the aluminium industry are often covered with brushes to avoid scratching of the aluminium parts with the transport system.

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